Thanks so much, Ken, for sharing your photographs and organising them so beautifully. You really have the gift and make the memories of people and places all the more present. Very grateful!
Tony Cobain(non-registered)
A man of many talents!!
Ken Clare(non-registered)
Thanks for the kind comments about my work Michael - the format is a Zenfolio template with some customisation. It needs more work but time is in short supply as ever.
Michael Swaddle(non-registered)
I stumbled here from Karen Ripley's Facebook page.

What a pleasing site with some great images. I only wish my eye was as keen.

Is the site design your own or is it a proprietary one that can be tailored for the user? I ask because I'm looking for gallery pages for my own hesitant steps with Canon equipment.
chris bateman(non-registered)
an artist in the making, “Hide not your talents, they for use were made,
What's a sundial in the shade?”
― Benjamin Franklin
lovely photos Ken, keep them up.
Emma Thomas(non-registered)
Amazing photographs Ken, real life made beautiful
Carlos Palma(non-registered)
Excellent Ken. Great photo talents , and great compositions. Impressive my friend. Please keep going, I'm sure there are more in this "well" of talent you have. Well done
Angela Brown(non-registered)
You take stunning photographs. It is a pleasure to be able to see them. Thank you
Marion Stout(non-registered)
Stunning colours Ken my fave is the first one!
lynn skerry fisher(non-registered)
Wow some amazing pictures ken. The cat pic very clever. Hope to see more soon. Good luck!
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